Officers & Committees


Officers 2019-20
Exalted Ruler, Jerry Peters
Secretary, Joni Park
Leading Knight, Daniel Cullinan
Loyal Knight, David B Hawkins
Lecturing Knight, Jennifer L Williams
Esquire, Richard Cisney
Treasurer, G Stephen Clark
Inner Guard, Jeffrey Alan Schmid
Tiler, Claude F Derushia Jr
Chaplain, Karen Spurrier Lawson

Presiding Justice, Harold F Greeson

Alt. Rep to GL, Kimberley K Fuquay-Black

Board of Trustees

1st Year Trustee, Matthew C Bobe

2nd Year Trustee, Terry Arnold

3rd Year Trustee, Victor L Angel

4th Year Trustee, Danny W Lowe

5th Year Trustee, Steven Barrow

2019-20 House Committee

Chairperson, Amy Lowe

Chuck Reaume

Kristina Gertz-Jones

David Oaster

Brooke Harwood

Martye Brandenburg

Josh Mann

Morgan Baker

Committee and Coordinator List
Auditing and Accounting - Ed Chesire

Activities Committee - Kim Fuquay-Black
Community Activities - Kim Fuquay-Black

Youth Activities - Kim Fuquay-Black

Hoop Shoot - Jackie Robinson

Drug Awareness - Kim Fuquay-Black

Fraternal Committee- Jerry Peters

Americanism - Peter Breidenbach

Elks National Foundation - Jeff Schmid

Flag Day Coordinator - Peter Breidenbach

Lodge Activities - Kim Fuquay-Black
Membership - Jennifer Williams

Veterans - Nancy Brown

Accident Prevention - David Hawkins

PER Association Presiding Officer - Kim Fuquay-Black

Public Relations - Mark Cockman

Ritualistic - Steve Clarke

State Major Project - Steve Clark

Riders Committee - Terry Arnold

Entertainment - Amy Lowe

Scholarship - Lindsey Greear

Swimming Pool - Amy Lowe

House Committee - Amy Lowe

Swim Team - Dan Lowe

Charity Golf - Debbie Barrow

Bar Manager - Merritt Strafford

Office Manager - Gary Selders

Accounting Bookkeeper - Barbara Johnson

House Committee

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